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iRED believes in bio-agriculture , particularly for eco systemic reasons. Thanks to the high capacity of our soils, we have a significant yield even when we don't use any fertilizer.

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One of our biggest challenges for the next five (5) years is to develop a tropical zoological park that will serve for educational purposes for students and researchers, as well as typical destination for tourists.

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iRED's Bee hive syrup is produced in the strict sanitary conditions without any additives. It is 100 % natural. We are currently investing in breeding bee that we plan to export to the international market

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food processing

Food processing

Food processing is one of the big projects of iRED moving forward for the next three years. Creating a standard food processing center, will create jobs and strengthen the local economy. This initiative will ...

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iRED, welcome to the official website Product we selling

Product we are selling

SyrupConsidering the importance of bees for our planet on many fronts: agriculture, environment, body care, and medical therapy, it is urgent to take action for their protection and expansion. When you purchased our syrup, you contribute to the effort of saving bees in the planet. Take action now! Take action now!

Chilli pepperiRED chili pepper is cropped without any fertilizer. It is the best choice for your health. It contains high amounts of vitamin C. It’s a good source of vitamins B, beta carotene, potassium, magnesium and iron. Chili Peppers have been shown to fight headaches, relieve congestion, fight cancer and inflammation, help lower high blood pressure, soothe intestinal diseases, rev metabolism and protect your heart. Why not purchase now?

soiliRED selling organic fertilizers to feed soil micro organisms in addition to your plants, helping to maintain a rich and productive soil while keeping it free of toxic substances that other chemicals and artificial fertilizers might have. With our natural compost, you can create a living soil rich in humus and nutrients. This is the key to growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and ornamental trees. Order now to feed your plants while maintaining a healthy soil and protect the environment.

organic_pesticideOrganic does not automatically mean pesticide-free iRED’s pesticides are not synthetically manufactured. They derived from natural sources. To prevent cancer and protect the environment, the solution is here.

iRED is currently selling some products at small quantity to test the local market. We are working hard, for creating opportunities for young people in the community with limited resources. By purchasing our products, you contribute to protect the environment as well as helping support job creation in the rural communities. Thank you for your support.