Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

flood mapping

iRED experts have been involved with GIS since 2008 and our experiences include all aspects of GIS from user needs analysis and application development to providing training and implementation services. iRED provides independent GIS consultancy services for all sizes and types of organization including the government. We are working in collaboration with a highly experienced technical team to meet the needs of our customers.

Our methodological approach provided outstanding results! With our practical, and effective consulting environmental services, we solve very complex environmental issues using technology, analytical report developed with participative approach. See how we use the LIDAR technology to assess flood risk in 3D with unbelievable precision. here to visualize the result.

Some of the Solutions delivered

GIS & Risk analysis, Suisse Cooperation/July 2017

Integrated flood risk mapping using geomorphologic method. Classify and specialize threatened areas in order to establish the final zoning map of the flood hazard.

DDR & Risk mapping, Concern Worldwide/ October 2012

Geo-Spacial analysis, training to the project staffs and Multi Risk Mapping of Natural Hazards for Impact Assessment within the project Disaster Risk Management at Martissant and La Gonâve;.

GIS & Disaster Risk Management/ German Red Cross/Oxfam, June 2010

Technical assistance and trainings to Red Cross volunteers/Oxfam staff in Disaster Risk adaptation;collecting geographic data ;Participate in meetings with local actors & risk mapping;

Mitigation project feasibility Oxfam-GB, Cap-Haitian/July 2007 .

Undertaking rapid actions to minimize the flood impact caused by "Ravine Malord".Limit the speed flow and identify the better outlet for water drainage and avoid infrastructures losses and human victims.

DDR & Risk mapping, OCHA/ October February 2015

Methodology & Vulnerability mapping at commune level for rapid assessment & humanitarian strategy in Haiti;

GIS training to FNGA & Suisse Cooperation staff/ October 2015

Providing basic concepts to participant in GIS, with a focus in creating hazard maps.Introduction to different fields of application of the GIS technologies, Provides users with theoretical and practical notions on QGIS and ArcGIS technology. Provides basics training on using GPS and / or Tablets, for data collection

Emergency mapping, HIFIVE/USAID /March 2010

Providing Technical training and coordinate the emergency staff to gather data after the 2010 earthquake. Creation of new data spreadsheet (geographic database) for HIFIVE Earthquake Impact.Preparation of GIS Map showing damaged, non-operational, or destroyed POS.

GIS & Mapping, CIAT /September 2014

Corrections of administrative boundary of Haiti according to a methodology developed by 2 international experts. Creating GIG Database, archives/record GIS data, plan and coordinate field survey, data quality control, data analysis & Mapping