iRED 2023

Who we are

Created in 2013, The Regional initiative for Development (iRED), is an agricultural enterprise committed to implement sustainable actions to promote agricultural entrepreneurship within the climate change context , and share techniques with farmers. The main purpose of iRED is to develop new techniques to grow up market gardening in order to create economic opportunities and build the community resilience.

What we do

iRED wants to offer alternatives measures to the rural communities by investing in agricultural activities likely to generate money. In order to inspire the rural communities who practicing traditional crops economically uncompetitive, iRED conducts field activities that are producing fruits, vegetables crops including cabbage, tomato, stung chili pepper, and pineapple what will serve as model for the farmers in the region.

In parallel, iRED is doing a great experience in bee farming. We are now selling honey bee syrup in the local market and our customers are very satisfy.

Our vision

Our vision for the next five years is to have at one place a tourism attraction where people can come from anywhere to visit the experience we are doing in horticultural crops, bee farming, a zoological park, a center of food and fruits processing as well as a center of learning for researchers

Consulting Services

To ensure the economic sustainability of its field activities, iRED also provides consulting services in various fields related to the environment and information technology, such as:

Geographic Information System (GIS)

3D flood

iRED has a huge experience in using GIS to solve complex environmental problems read more...

Geo-Database & Baseline census

Geo-DatabaseiRED team has experiences in Geo-Database & Baseline census using different read more...

Irrigation & sanitation

IrrigationiRED is one of the emerging firm in the hydraulic, in term of feasibility read more...

Building Resilience to Climate Change

agricultureClimate change is a real threat for our planet. Therefore, professional skill, research, financial resources is read more...