Climate Change

Data collect

Climate change is a real threat for our planet. Therefore, professional skill, research, financial resources is more than necessary to alleviate the environmental impacts. Since the year 2012, iRED technicians provide training to certain part of the country in order to raise awareness and define together adaptation measures. In spite of the lack of resource that iRED is facing, research on resilient agriculture is our goal for the next coming years.

Some of the Solutions delivered

Raising awareness on climate change with young people /Seminar of Limbe, Haiti, July 2017

Providing relevant information about the climate change as well as potential impact so people can build resilience to the phenomenon.

Water and sanitation, Oxfam, GTIH, PROTOS,/May 2009

Geo-Spatial analysis and implementation of a drainage pattern of the area Bas-Aviation/Petite-Anse and Cité du Peuple ( Water and Sanitation program of Cap- Haitian

Feasibility study of micro irrigation system, Acul du Nord / Oxfam-GB, August 2007

irrigationFeasibility of micro irrigation system of Acul du Nord, concept planning and cost studies within the context of Oxfam-GB livelihood program.