Geo-Database & Baseline census

Data collect

iRED team has experiences in Geo-Database & Baseline census using different data collection tools including GPS, Tablet, Smartphone, and Computer.Our technology allows us to collect quality data, create geographic database, perform statistical analysis in any situations (normal & emergency).

Some of the Solutions delivered

Geospatial database & web platform / AVSF July 2016

Implemented a geospatial database for the activities of FONDAPWI project, Developed a web data form for recording and analyzing new data.Performed statistical analysis of the data. Mapping of the completed activities and reporting

Mobile data collection & Geospatial database /OCHA July 2014

Supported the OCHA IM Team by programming electronic questionnaire for mobile data collection;Spread the multi cluster/sector initial rapid assessment (MIRA) approach by providing training to the civil society at regional level;Created a web database with secondary data available by using the humanitarian public platform.

Data collection using GPS & Geospatial database / Concern Worldwide, October 2012

Data collection on natural disaster using GPS technology. Created database and performed statistical data analysis for the project coverage.