IRED is a regional agricultural enterprise committed to implement sustainable actions to tackle climate change and spread techniques with farmers. iRED uses innovative techniques to grow up market gardening for commercial purposes in order to create jobs and build community resilience.

iRED wants to offer alternatives measures to the rural communities migration by investing in agricultural activities likely to generate money . We are currently testing in our agricultural farm an entrepreneurial model in partnership with CLIMAHT, that will serve as a model to other professionals and entrepreneurs.

We plan to develop other value chains by growing single crop on big area to generate more income and create more jobs ipso facto.

In parallel, iRED is experiencing bee farming and will invest in processing industry to reduce post harvest in generate more money in rural areas.

In order to support rural communities who practicing traditional crops economically uncompetitive, iRED conducts field activities that are turning to fruits production, vegetables crops (cabbage, tomato,chili pepper, onion, yam, carrot, pineapple, passion fruit, etc ...), to serve as a model for rural community who practice non-competitive traditional crops economically.

To fund its field activities, iRED also provides consulting services in various fields related to the environment and information technology, such as risk management, mapping and environmental studies.

Our agricultural projects

cabbageiRED believes in bio-agriculture not only because it's good for the health but also for its taste . Thanks to the high capacity of our soils, we have a significant yield even when we don't use organic fertilizer. Find out more...

Our tropical zoological parc project

goat farmOne of our biggest challenge for the next five (5) years is to have a tropical zoological park that will serve not only a place for students and researchers but it will serve a destination for tourisms. Find out more...

Our bee farming & food processing project

bee_farming_projetWe currently investing in breeding bee that we plan to exported to the international market. In addition we thing about food processing activities to better enhance the value of our agricultural products and decrease post harvest losses . Find out more...